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Shopping with Karen Seiger - Ceramic Platter

Running from one New York open market to the next, you would not think that Karen Seiger has time to cook and entertain at home. Ms Seiger, market enthusiast & author of Markets Of New York City and the founder of Sirene Media Works, says she “likes to find meanings in the things I use” and recommends “living in New York City, you have no room for junk, you must invest in some good handmade ceramics. I like platters with characters, it is all about the dinning experience”

Le Fanion - Traditional French Serving Platter Le Fanion - Traditional French Serving Platter. We have one huge one that serves a whole turkey and stuffing and another one that serves a roasted chicken perfectly.  Both are glazed in scarlet.

 In Her Words Ceramics: Gratitude Platter

I love bowls and platters with words or secret messages, and this Gratitude Platter is along those lines.  It’s beautiful and functional, and ‘Gratitude” is such lovely word to describe the feeling of making dinner for a group of friends and family.

 Laura Zindel

I absolutely love every single thing Laura Zindel makes.  I sent her a fan letter once.  Not only is it unique and wonderful, but talk about secret surprises at the bottom of the serving plate - insects, snakes, eggs, jellyfish and birds.  Her work also reminds me of the best meal I have ever had, which was at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, where Laura's plates grace the tables.

Barking Spider for Appalachian Spring

You can’t go wrong with a great chip and dip bowl set, and Appalachian Spring always has a beautiful selection.  These are pieces you can use with guests or enjoy by yourself while watching Downton Abbey and munching on pita chips and baba ganoush. 

 Darin Gherke Tea Bowl & Tray

I am a tea fanatic, and so anything to do with tea appeals to me.  Darin Gherke's fine Asian style is a departure from my usual choices of more rustic and whimsical tableware.  I love my celadon green teapot from Darin, and this tray and tea bowl make tea and cookies even more enjoyable. 




Recent Press :: Brooklyn Magazine :: Cinematic Brooklyn

Spring 2012 issue in the Brooklyn Magazine

Nicolette Mason Prop Styling and Photos by BLOW UP!

According to the stylist, this table setting is inspired by the horror movie The Sentinel (1977). It is about a fashion model who moved into a beautiful house in Brooklyn Heights with a blind priest as a neighbor.

How's that for a conversation starter?


Studio Tour - A Day With May Video

Come see my studio and little bit about my work process. Enjoy!

A Day With May from Shannon Greer on Vimeo.

A day in the studio with ceramicist May Luk


How To: Etsy For Your Handmade Wedding Registry 

If you are looking to set up a handmade wedding registry, this is a quick and easy way. Open an account as a buyer on etsy, and request reserved listing from your favorite makers. Put the listings on your "Favorite Items" list. Send your "shop" link to your friends and family and let them browse through your favorite items list and find out what you have picked. The purchase is instantaneous and easy.

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Take Me Homeware in Channel 7 news with By Brooklyn

 Secret Garden in Pansy VioletA new store By Brooklyn was opened Mothers Day weekend in Carrol Garden, Brooklyn. It is unique store where all the merchandize in the store are made by Brooklyn artisans and artists. I am very pleased to have my wares presented in the store. Gaia DiLoreto, the owner, is such a joy to work with. I wish her many success.

261 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231Gaia DiLoreto interviewed by Lauren Glassberg for WABC




Better Than Jam Pop Up Shop at the Governors Island

Brooklyn handmade Co-op opens Pop Up shop on Governors Island Summer 2011, featuring Take Me Homeware

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Custom Project Trial

Different stages of a custom project. The brief was to duplicate the napkin holder in size and color and in clay but without the divider. Unfortunately, clay is not the right material for this shape due to clay memory and the lack of support on the edge of the form. The open edge on one end will make this clay napkin holder fragile for daily use.

1-Original in metal2-Quick marquettes to determine workablity of clay and the size of the wares

3-Template generated with Adobe Illustrator and fired color test tiles.4-Final marquettes




How to: Small Run Silkscreen Done At Home

There are few methods of making silkscreens. I found using drawing fluid to create a silkscreen is most direct and simple. A drawing is made on the screen with drawing fluid. Screen filler is then applied on the dried drawing fluid, which act as a resist. The filler hardens. The silkscreen is ready once you wash the drawing fluid away. No need for a darkroom! This method is great for small run posters, tote bags and t-shirts.

Screen Drawing Fluid
Screen Filler
Brush for drawing
Latex Gloves
Stick for stirring the fluid

Drawing the image: Tape a drawing or sketch for tracing on the inside frame. You can do freehand drawing if you like. Apply single even coat for best results.

Dry the screen in a level horizontal position. You can use a fan to speed up the drying time.

Coating the Screen: Stir the screen filler, then pour a bead of filler fluid on the same side that you applied the drawing fluid. Squeegee a smooth even coat of filler liquid over the screen. Dry the screen horizontally.

Washing Out: Use warm water through both sides of the screen, concentrating on the drawing fluid area. Do not use power washer, it might wash away the filler fluid.

Once the screen is dried, it is ready for screening.

There you have it!