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About The Ceramics

Every piece is hand made and hand decorated in my studio in Brooklyn NY. The wares are white stoneware or porcelain clay. They are fired to cone 8 - 1272°C [2320°F] in an electric kiln. The glazes are food and dishwasher safe and lead-free.

These are hand made ceramics, artistic and unique. They are not mass-produced by automatic machines and big corporations. They will enhance your domestic environment, impress your friends and increase the deliciousness of your food. Take Me Homeware!

About May Luk

I started to get my hands into clay when living in London, I studied ceramics at Kensington & Chelsea College and Glasgow School of Art. I loved the medium, the combination of art and science, hours of experimentation mixing glaze and colors, each resulting piece a series of creative decisions and technical endeavors. I found it an ideal way to use my background in illustration, producing pieces that have an emphasis on image making and graphic decorations.

I returned to New York in 2007 to continue my business and moved into a studio in Brooklyn where I now reside.

I showed my work in San Francisco with ArtSpan earlier this year, I am very pleased to have an opportunity to show my work there, San Francisco is home from home, this is where my family are and where I grew up. I attained a degree in illustration at the Academy of Art College in 1990 before moving to New York in ’92. I am building a small workshop at my family house in San Francisco so I can work there as I visit often. My goal is to develop an east coast, west coast business, adding cheer to as many households with 'take me homeware' ceramics as I can!

Brighton Vase - 11" htGimme Mimi Dinner Plates